Fictional scenarios

Here are transcriptions of fictional scenarios I’ve written over the years. I have all these scraps of paper with stories and characters and locations and objects… and I drop them here if they don’t obviously belong anywhere else.

“Charge Breakers”

A basis of magical energy, there are “charge stones”. Advanced magical batteries.

There are two people known as “Charge Breakers”. They have the ability to change the release of magical energy from the stones, including completely draining them.

One of the breakers are not allowed to learn any kind of martial training. They are protected by a small cadre of guards that speak solely through a signed language; the guards are known for being particularly silent and quick to act, without apparently needing to communicate with each other.

Dreaming & Waking

A person dies. They experience their death from the perspective of many: a bird, a bug, a family and their small child, an “alien”, some others. The person died in their sleep.

They come to be in their dream cocoon, and there is another waiting for them, the Knight. They are there to assist the person’s transition to the Dreaming.

The Knight had been observing the alien and therefore witnessed the death dream. The Knight belongs to an Order, and all Knights are have two things in common: they are all humans, and all their death dreams were witnessed by another Knight. The person is therefore eligible to join their Order.

Though it is unusual, the person is mentored by the Knight who witnessed their death. They are powerful and experienced in the Dreaming, but are hesitant to teach or further bond with the person. Their reservations slowly revealed as the person has a so-called cursed ability to reach through the memories of others.

The last one the Knight mentored had been a well respected and beloved member of the Order. Their death dream has happened when they were a child, and they joined the Order as soon as they were “old” enough. The Knight has trained them well, and accompanied them on a Quest to follow a party of Dreamers exploring an unknown place to them in the Waking. Such events cause great disturbances in the Dreaming as well as the Waking, and the Order sought to understand and be prepared to react to those changes.

During a very important Dream, the leaders of two parties of Dreamers came together; this was an important encounter that would have repercussions in the Waking. The Order was observing the dream, and was suddenly attacked by one of the leaders; the beloved one defended themselves and seemingly defeated the leader and dispelled the Dream. The next day the leader was found dead in the Waking, and the parties slaughtered each other, which created toxic Dreams for hundreds of years after…

The Order investigated the incident, and fearful they were responsible for the deaths, the beloved one fled. Voices in the Order called for their imprisonment in the Sol colony, while others laid the blame on the Knight.

The truth of the matter is: the leader had died of natural causes, and a powerful entity, the Demon, had disguised itself as the leader had attacked the Order during the Dream. The beloved one had been the victim of a cult “preventing” the end of the world at the turn of a century, inspired in their dreams and hallucinations by the Demon. At that time the Demon had also infiltrated the Order to arrange for the beloved one’s death to be witnessed.

The Demon had fought the Knight time and again, and had even been defeated by the Knight in their Waking Dreams: the Demon had followed their family for years, a personal demon long forgotten.

The new person is able to piece together this story due to their “curse”, and they are able to reveal in time the Demon had been tormenting the Knight, and they are able to bring this to the attention of the Order, as they now know the Demon is still active, and one of their schemes seem to be activating in the Background (a part of the Dreaming that is difficult to navigate).

It is also revealed the beloved one left to join another group, whose agenda is not known.

The Order has many personalities, but the most mysterious one who wears an all white robe, and has long white hair, though they look quite young. They are not a member of the Order, but they adventure with them and even has their own quarters at the Kept.

The new person enjoys their company, and for some reason can not use their ability to read the memories of them. They get an “opposite” reaction: like they don’t exist yet, a sense of anticipation of something becoming real.

This is because they are in between worlds. Their mind is fully formed in the Dreaming, while their body is “alive” in the Waking.

While they were young they fell into a coma. They were put into a state of the art restorative environment, which prevents muscle atrophy and utilizes unconscious learning technologies. They fell into a coma when they were 4, and are now around 9 years old in the Waking. They are a liminal being due to their circumstances.

They tend to have severe mood swings at times, and induce a “static storm”, which creates “white noise dreams” that sends everyone nearby into shock. They stay at the Kept because it is reinforced against the storms. The new person is somewhat resistant to the storms, and can approach them to help them “snap” out of it. At first this angers them, but they soon realize the new person is being helpful and is a potential close friend.

The cause of the static storms is the unconscious learning technologies. It utilizes an advanced sound system that occasionally goes offline; when this happens normally someone comes in and removes them and cares for their body. However, an upgrade to the system makes it fully automated, and so no person interacts with them. The need to experience the Waking, combined with the echoing silence of the system creates “static”, emotional distress synchronized to their inner ear.