In order to explain this next part, I need to share an interesting story of how humans behave. Then we’ll get to hyperzines. :+1:

I’m on mobile, let’s see if I can do some writing on this without reference material… I should, at least! :sweat_smile:

Hunter gatherers.

That’s what we humans are; we hunt and gather materials from the space where we reside, and transform it into our world.

:frog: let’s presume @maiki has provided reasonable reference links for the claims here.

We refer to ourselves as “biological”, our description for complex systems that operate as “life”.

Biological systems are super interesting! They adapt to their space, and humans have a developed cognition that allows a constructed narrative reality, a tool allowing for communicating information across nodes. But aside from “imagination”, we are defined by our biology to the task of hunting and gathering.


Word soup for now: pattern recognition, memory, spatial reasoning, sensory data intepretation, bunches others.


This part actually has more to do with the 'zine part.

I live in the nascent Information Age, where we are able to transform nutrition into practically any other form, and are able to translocate objects across the planet in a matter of hours to days; contrast to even the recent past, and our capacity to gather and store things is diety-like.

This puts out species in a difficult situation, where we are not called upon to use our biology to process the world, and risk catastrophic systems failure due to our overall historical incompetence to actually replace the spaces where we reside.

Sounds bleak, but let’s acknowledge that no matter what the figureheads utter, no one has transcended their biology. It’s an compelling story, of course. :yawning_face: