The foodstuffs talkgroup

There is a category on talkgroup called foodstuffs at Foodstuffs - talkgroup.

This is our catch-all for food related discussions. There were not that many in the original talkgroup, and we are a lot more active in private forums for food discussion.

The plan here will be to move all the current content into either an obvious endpoint, or more likely kick back to the group for further discussion. I’m starting to collect recipes, which will make a nice hyperzine one day. :slight_smile:

One thing we do is create these “Whatcha cooking, $name?” topics, which serves as a blog for what a person is cooking, a casual log.

Susan cooks dinner most nights, so I’m the photographer for their foodstuffs! :drooling_face:

Tim shared come TVP tips with us at Whatcha cooking, Tim? - Foodstuffs - talkgroup.

Looking forward to hearing more about what their family is eating, I find it fascinating to know how different families eat. Clover reads these books that show families and their diets from around the world, humans are quite amazing!

@judytuna also had one, at Whatcha cooking, Judy? - Foodstuffs - talkgroup. :tada:

Invited to the new, cool “whatcha cooking” space. :sunglasses: :+1:

Ah, here’s an interesting one: making bread | susan magnolia - Foodstuffs - talkgroup

That was a discussion I started in talkgroup about a blog post Susan published at making bread | susan magnolia, which is a great list of things one uses in daily cooking. Susan often shares practical notes like that, as they have many niblings, who have no doubt benefited from their wisdom. :slight_smile:

Now… what to do with that discussion? :thinking:

Eventually, the original piece would be archived in a hyperzine or two, dedicated to Susan’s writing, or Foodstuffs. The discussion stands on it’s own; it’s possible that piece will generate new discussions separate from the one on talkgroup, which is de facto read-only now.

That indicates to me that we perhaps need a Discussions hyperzine… a place to stash conversations that are specifically interesting in the back-and-forth interactions. Hmmm, I’ll let that stew for a bit.

@judytuna, you are the other half of that discussion, in case you have ideas on how to archive it. :nerd_face: