Functional notes

If you check the sandbox you will see I’m playing with API automation.

It started with the Discourse AI ChatGPT integration, where I realized the power of interacting with an API directly in Discourse.

This topic will collect ideas I have for “functional notes”, topics that interact with and are enhanced by hypermedia services.

Game helpers

The dice rollers I’ve been building are examples of this, though I think we could use them for so much more. Rules lookups come to mind, as well as hypermedia experiences.

Example: using natural language to play a board game which includes updates with real world maps being updated to match game state. Fun!


Mapping is a part of what I do, and integrating the mapbox static image API fixes an issue I always have: bad connectivity and a need for directions.

The last thing I want to do is fiddle with a zooming scrolling web tile to figure out where I am.

Fortunately, my personal sites always load really well for me, so having a static map image for reference is ideal for me!

Other neat ideas:

  • Community site that shows public transit options between neighborhoods, with just in time info
  • Aforementioned game idea, use real map data for the board

Processing paperwork

Oh, this is a big one I thought of today while sitting outside the library waiting for Clover to bring out a bag of books they could not have carried home on their own. :laughing:

While processing The notebooks I often take a picture of the page… while have me type it up when I can have it go to an OCR service, and then cleaned up by a language machine, and then edited back into the post. :smiling_face:

I’m hoping that accelerates processing that box of books!

Initial research

When I’m looking for information I hit up several repositories of knowledge, depending on what I seek.

Let’s automate it!

I want to drop a link or idea somewhere, and get the initial mini-dossier I’d create on my own.

Vocabulary energizers!

There are books Susan bought me, and I deeply appreciate them. They explain words with narratives, which work really well for me.

I’d love a mini version of that when I’m learning a new word.

Read it later

Drop a link:

  • send to the wayback machine
  • scrape text
  • summarize with language machine
  • edit all back into post
  • profit enjoy!

Couple of extra steps applied to OCR feedback:

  • Translate to English, if not already
  • Experimenting with including GPS coords in exif, so I can add geo coordinates from uploading a photo. Useful for plaques and information boards found out and about