The notebooks

I have a box of notebooks. Some of them are filled, others hardly any pages have writing on them.

This is a place to catch the notes.

an orange notebook

No doubt there will be many of these, “orange notebook”. :laughing:

Pretty sure I got this at Maido, in San Francisco. Not sure if in Japantown or the former location in the downtown mall.

In it are notes from when I worked as a CIO for an education startup, so 2016.

The first page outlines a project I’ve apparently been working on for a while. :sweat_smile:

A community site for the Oakland metro area

  • Profiles 1
  • Places directory 2
  • Events calendar 1
  • Silly local blog 1
  • Job board 3
  • Classifieds 5
  • Housing 4

Key points:

  • Inclusive, considerate, positive
  • Simple to use
  • Open, transparent, public
  • Never tracking, no privacy violations

The numbers refer to the order of features/phases.

SOW pipeline

This illustrates a Statement of Work pipeline we were producing. At the time I was looking at doing this via Phabricator.


  • Clothes - containers, clear plastic drawers
  • packaging - get rid of it
  • Swag - give away
  • Games - storage container
  • Hardware -
  • Cables, etc. - get rid of it
  • Boxes of notebooks + paperwork - digitize, keep online
  • Bags - get rid of most of them

Wow, so much to unpack there. :nerd_face:

I had been using this as a checklist, but only marked off one. However, I’m happy to say this was the beginning of major shifts in my possessions, and I’ve working this whole time on this.

  • Clothes: I wanted clear drawers so nothing was hidden from view; I hang most of my clothes, something that took me several decades to figure out, due to not having closests… consistently. Hangers are a surprising sign of stability.
  • Packaging: I’m much better at this. Packaging geta recycled quickly, and now I’m learning what to do with the manuals that come with them.
  • Swag: I don’t accept anything from anyone, de facto. I am swag free.
  • Games: I used to have a ton of board games, and I put them in a library box or have them away. Most of them never even opened. Now I play playing card games, and download games on the Switch. No more storage taken by games.
  • Hardware: just earlier this week Susan dropped off a trunk full of ewaste I’d been holding onto because it was a lot and I didn’t know where to take it. Included a large tower PC, and a monitor, and several laptops that no longer work. I still have a lot of hardware, but I’m using (or trying to) it all.
  • Cables: included on ewaste.
  • Boxes of notebooks and paperwork: haha, isn’t this a bit meta! This is certainly part of that process, and as you can see, I still have quite a few notebooks to go…
  • Bags: ah, dang, that was the hard part! My bag game has been top notch over the years… but I got rid of all my sling bags and backpacks except for two: a Jack Spade bag put together so well, I won’t part with it, and a simple, two-pocket backpack from IKEA. Since then I’ve added a carry-on and bum bag from Away, and the orange bum bag is basically an extension of my body at this point.

I’ve added very few things to my inventory, that wasn’t replacing an existing item. That decision was a good one. :slight_smile:

time roster


Upon entering an era, the roster sees the events that led to the current events.

When they claim something is true, they make their actions harder to deviate as they get further back in time.

Huh, I wonder when I started noting “time roster”. It’s a take on time travel that is sorta gamified, but still has interesting affects. I think of it as a roleplay framework.

This particular note means: when someone traveling insequentially thru time, things stated tl have happened become self-fufilling. It’s one version of time travel, a genre I think explores different ways humans think about the world.

This notebook has a spiral bound design.

I like the color and paper, but I process all my notes, and this design irritates me with the bits of paper it produces when pulling sheets from it. I prefer glued spines for easily pulling off the sheets when needed.

Gonna take this to the local library box.

Neon Genesis Evagelion notebook

This notebook is from a time spanning a couple community colleges and a trip by myself to stay in hostels in San Francisco by myself. Circa mid-2000’s.

The first half is blue pages, the second half is red pages, and they have iconography from the anime printed on them.

There are very few notes remaining.

I asked Clover to grab a random notebook from the box, and I suspected this would be the one they chose. :laughing:

Digital Media Collective

  • Music
  • Anime
  • Manga
  • Software
  • Hardware
  • Technology
  • Gatherings

Haha, I’ve been trying to document these subjects for a long time.

The current iteration would be covered by the notes collected in media and computing. “Gatherings” are not as relevant to me, tho I do have some geographical relevant projects in the works.

En clair
Faux pas
John Gotti
Convival (or carnival :sweat_smile:)

When I come upon a word I don’t know very well, I write it down. This was one such list. Each color means a different session where I was taking notes.

The colors are from Sakura brand fine tip pens. Clover has the pens now, and I’ve replaced a few over the years.

That list is a good start for creating language notes. :slight_smile:

A note containing addresses in San Francisco, of various hostels.

A note listing what appears to be fantasy roleplaying locations, with “layout” notes. Not sure if I was designing stylesheets or video game levels…

The last note is a torn half page, with a name in kana above an email address.

The top half was my email address I gave them.

When is stayed in the hostel I roomed with two travelers, one from Japan and one from Mexico. At the time both my Japanese and Spanish was somewhat passable, so we become fast friends!

That night we bought a six pack each of an American, Japanese and Mexican beer, and stayed up late comparing our respective upbringings and cultures. It was great meeting other weird folks, since they are more likely to reflect on, well, everything.

I emailed them a few times, but my life was moving very fast at the time, so I wasn’t able to mantain a connection.

It’s a account.

Since the book is tiny, and the cover can be replaced, Clover has taken it.

Moleskin journal in cloth cover

Susan and I used to visit the Renegade Craft Fairs when they first started. I picked up this cloth cover, to hold my Moleskin journals.

It came with an elastic band (now very stretched, but replaceable!), and a hole in the cover for a writing utensil.

I would process pages in place, rather than tearing them out, and then fold the corners in to mark it as done.

How to aggregate posts across networked sites?

  • Feeds
  • Events
  • Userbase

At the time everyone wanted to build multisite platforms with WordPress. Now there are probably better options, including not doing this. :laughing:

Vampire lord?


LargeFS + CDN

Moving an install to another account

Hosting contract

Dimension with too much positive energy, shows up as gravity in our world

Start blogging about the little components of my work. Blog every weekday?

This is why I don’t think my notes are particularly valuable to others: I use a shorthand memory technique.

Also, been trying to “blog more” since forever! :slight_smile:


List of WordPress plugins

Client design details

Reminder to check payment details with client

Different client details

List of fields of custom post type in WordPress

List of indexes to reference for public database publishing

WordPress is done, platform-wise. It just needs fine tuning.

Return to the stack.

  • Publishing - WordPress
  • Realtime communications - jabber
  • File sharing + storage - owncloud
  • Analytics - Piwik

This was a note to self on current status and directions for my personal computing platform.

The jabber server I has was referenced on a different page:

I should be able to use that to approximate when this notebook was active.

And that’s it! There were a bunch of notes already processed, and I care more about getting rid of these notebooks than I do exploring the timeframes they represent. :slight_smile:

:notebook: :fire: :relieved: