LLM persona interfaces to build

This topic tracks ideas for LLM-powered personas to build in Discourse. Each one will have a use case or other details included. Eventually I plan to crowd-engineer each prompt.

Text-from-image transcription and translation service

The AI APIs have begun adding vision capabilities, so now we can build the tool to transcribe text from pics, as well as translating them if needed.

I have this working already, but the prompt is not very good; I’d prefer reliable results without me having to clarify.

This is good for:

  • visiting places with useful information available as print
  • translating text from a language one does not know

Researcher with Google access

The Google search API is available, so in theory one should be able to have a bot refine searches so they are more informed based on keywords, as well as refining the results further than possible in the Google UI (“only show results that are enthusiastic about the park we are visiting”, as a not great example off the top of my head :sweat_smile:).

This is good for:

  • group research, where each person may contribute to the search and a record is kept
  • searching Google in languages one does not understand

Language learning partner

This tool would assist the language learner with practical studies, being able to adjust to a scenario suggested, as well as provide actionable lessons to practice with.

I think!

I started building one in Japanese, which I currently understand at near slow conversational. :sweat_smile: What I mean is: how would I know how to teach myself more… and how would I know if the bot is doing a decent job? :thinking:

I thought perhaps it could be crafted so it goes over existing material in a particular, routine way (perhaps even including written conversation practice!), but those materials must be supplied explicitly; I’m not confident a prompt and trust is what is needed in this scenario.

This is good for:

  • Learning and practicing language skills

Dice roller

I know this sounds funny, but I’m not happy with any dice-rolling things I’ve seen in Discourse. However… because Claude Haiku is actually pretty inexpensive, I think it might be written in a way I could accept. :thinking:

Otherwise, this is too expensive to waste on dice rolling in this way.

This is good for:

  • Gaming

Community Assistant

This persona is hyperfocused on helping new users understand how to use the site, can provide references regarding site policy questions, and will let folks know who to contact for more info.

This is good for:

  • Um, just about everyone, I think
  • With a Google CSE limited to a single domain, this bot could read and explain information outside the forums