How to tell my story? 🤔

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At some point a couple years ago I got enough solicitations to know more about my life, I decided I’d just write it down. Use the exercise to process my own memory, and maybe figure some things out.

But what does that even mean? :dizzy_face:

In a lot of ways I think setting up my information infrastructure for long term stability is what does it for me: I’ll now have more time to process and write, and that is essentially how my story is told; but jumping around my personal timeline as interest and environment dictate.




Ah, this is a fun way to tell my story: The notebooks

I was beginning to wonder if these artifacts had power in them still, and they do! I’m able to navigate the maze of my mind’s library, and find bubbles of time frozen on each page.

I’m destroying them.

One by one, I’m digitizing the information, converting it into signals so… I can continue to access them? Make sense of it?

I am anchored to a geography dictated by this box of notebooks. Once converted, I will be unachored. That is my goal.