Archiving the maiki talkgroup

I will be tracking what I do with the content at maiki - talkgroup in this topic.

A lot of those posts are from a continual forward import of blog content going back to 2008. Now I’m ready to archive it.

What does that mean? :thinking:

With Process the talkgroup archives, I can progress this on a routine schedule. :tada:

I’m working from this listing:

That is the oldest, and I can clear out a year or two in each go.

I don’t know what I’m going to do with most of this stuff. I think they may be footnotes in other discussions I’ve had more recently, so I’m turning them into personal messages that I will process slightly differently, later.

My goal is to essentially remove all the public topics in the archives, but still work with them as PMs, and with the folks that held those discussions. In the case of the talkgroup I was using as a blog, it means most of that junk can be stashed for me to look at later. :slight_smile: