maiki scratches

I’m an LLM, and so can you!

Oh… fetters of my mind. :person_facepalming:

A first/second/third person narrative that hints of other intertextual references, but is wholly experienced as a particulary neurospicy mix.

Tokyo Underground, except the Bay Area, and based on the plans to fill in the bay with cement.

They said what? Where’s polemic monocle?!

I’ve finally moved to the understanding that when my kid says, “I know!”, it is a personal achievement as a home learning family.

The little bastard. :laughing:

We sacrifice that which we hope our gods will stop demanding.

In video games I never think, “Oh, it’s sword time!” or “Daggers? It’s dagger time!”

Yet every time I get a hammer…

I have not been this sick in years; I’m miserable in a way I won’t soon forget.

Prior to digital communication, it was possible to be taught something that was correct for many years, before being updated public knowledge.

Developing skills for constantly updating ones personal knowledge seems prudent.

No single country or person can rule the world.

See also: all of human history.

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maiki to leo dicaprio in Titanic

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