Building a catalog of items from Breath of the Wild

I’m apparently late to the party, as an off comment in the Hugo forums brought my attention to a way to use hugo as a single tool to produce output from an API:

The high level idea is to use a Hugo mounted-site-within-the-site to first pull the API data and output text files, and then subsequently read those text file as data for building the website.

Cool! :+1:

I wanted to see how it is done practically, and decided I would try to build a catalog of the items found in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Clover is playing it currently, and depending on how this goes, this might become the initial step I take for any game! Since I tend to wait years after they are released, there’s a good chance I will find data somewhere, and I can just slurp it down and make it searchable. :smiling_face:

I’ll use this topic to document my efforts.

Well, that was fast!

I know the article I linked to last was about pinging an API, but this works, too: because that data is actually present in that repo, I can mount that project and directory into my Hugo site.

It’s only 5 or 6 files! :tada:

Because it isn’t many files, and because I plan to import them over via RSS, I might just create one template per data file, to produce the output as RSS feeds… :thinking: