maiki scratches

This is where @maiki microblogs, a digital scratchpad. :notebook:

You (yes you) are encouraged to interact, argue, correct, emojify, or whatever, any message in this thread. It is for discussion, otherwise I would have kept it to myself. :slight_smile:

Be bold! We will split off conversations as they become interesting. :rocket:

I may have just unlocked a secret in the universe: when I’m facing a low-value decision paralysis… ask my kid to choose for me! This is gonna open doors for me, I’m sure.

Can you find the pirate ship in this photo? :mag:

What if there is no baseline sensitivity?


This is from a year ago, I didn’t sync my screenshots until recently.

This message cracked me up! :laughing:

My Oakland

30 years ago I was the kid all the faculty asked to print birthday banners from the dot matrix printer. Today I discovered my laser printer can print on both sides of pages, configured directly from the print modal in Linux, from a LibreOffiice Write Document…


The future is bright, my friends! It’s gonna be so much easier to print zines now!

A “smart wall”, which listens to the ambient sound of an open space, such as a cafe, and when it picks up an idiom, present a multimedia presentation of the history of that phrase.

There is a sentiment, that all religious and spiritual paths all lead to the same power, force. All paths lead to the City of God.

It occurs to me, as one walks along their path… the closer one is to the city, the less one can see of the world.

I can talk to a machine and it mimics a human pretty well, and yet I can’t get a good photo of this amazing scene, shared by billions of humans throughout time and place…


No idea the lesson there. Probably should learn nighttime photography. :sweat_smile:

Douglas is a Scottish masculine given name which originated from the surname Douglas. Although today the name is almost exclusively given to boys, it was used as a girl’s name in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries in the north of England.
Douglas (given name) - Wikipedia

Just a bunch of this year’s calendars in a library box. I guess if you haven’t gotten one by May, it’s unlikely you’d buy one.

I may have to declare physical notes bankruptcy. As in, I am not even going to try to transcribe some of them. I need to let them go. They are holding me back, literal boxes of paper. I’m done.

My hope is if I start over, maybe I’ll be on top of it again.

Since this would be the first time in decades, there is a chance I will just be able to use notes as a tool, and never really deal with too many again. :person_shrugging:

Checklists are optimized cognitive queries.

“face value”

What a strange term.

face = true

When I type with only my thumbs I tend to use the wrong tense and switch out personal pronouns with other words (I and one become is and in)…

Even in the last sentence, I misspelled and as “abd” and “a d”.

Here’s a screenshot of the keyboard I’m using:

My writing containing these errors is among my top peeves with mobile computing.

However, it’s convinent. And as long as it goes into notes, I can clean it up later.

Gotta love parsing html. :laughing: