I build data portals

When I was growing up computer-mediated communications held the promise of the end of ignorance and cruelty. To me the two were intricately connected, as the ignorant things the adults around did lead to their cruel reactions.

I was online when the web seemed like one really could visit every site in existence. And it was wonderous in a way I’m not sure I can explain to my child; how does one explain information starvation? Or how we all acted before we walked around with crystal balls and data plans in our pockets? :person_shrugging:

Once we have access to data portals online, I was hooked. I always knew it was my calling, even before it really existed as an option; I thought it was a library art, but it’s also something else.

And now I build data portals. My work and my play are coming into alignment. A lot of things are going to start making sense. Probably. :person_shrugging: