Weekly updates, 2023

This is a weekly log of stuff I am doing in 2023.

Hiya! :wave:

Here we are, in the future past, and I’m ready to exhale. 2022 was a massive inhalation, and honestly, I held my breath perhaps a bit too long than I should have.at certain parts; a learning experience.

If all goes to plan, 2023 will be the most painful year of my life. Because I intend to relive my life, at least one last time, before becoming something… I can’t imagine yet. :smiley:


Started the week during a day without rain by going to Roberts Regional Recreation Area (the road to Dr. Aurelia Reinhardt Redwood Regional Park was closed, presumably due to recent weather) with Clover, Nancy and Susan.

The other big news is we now have a fiber internet connection! :tada:

It was scheduled for Thursday morning 8AM - 12PM, and despite having to bring in a crew to install a new box to supply the apartments in my part of the building, and that it started raining while they were on the roof, they got it done. :clap:

I went up on the roof and took some photos, so when the rain lets up I’m going to connect with the folks at https://peoplesopen.net/, because what else am I gonna do with all that net? :slight_smile:


A mostly uneventful week.

I did eat a bit of bad hummus, which was a reminder to be more mindful when serving myself. :sweat_smile: