I have several friends who reside in Venezuela. I’d like to visit one day, here is a topic to gather knowledge and wisdom.

Do not expect maturity, per se. :laughing:

There are 23 states in Venezuela. The one that can be seen from Aruba is called Falcón, named after Juan Crisóstomo Falcón Zavarce.

Of course, I thought of a different “Falcon”, and created a new design for that state’s flag:


The Falcón whose namesake the state takes was an interesting rebel-politician, having served as President in various states of legitimacy, including being temporarily overthrown, but returned to power for a bit.

Perhaps most notable…

In 1863, under the presidency of Juan Crisóstomo Falcon Zavarce, Venezuela became the first country to abolish capital punishment for all crimes, including serious offenses against the state.

Typical `60s hippie sentiment! :laughing::+1: