Marvel Snap, via screenshots

The same way I have way too many Switch screenshots and videos, I also take a lot of screenshots of Marvel Snap. :sweat_smile:

That’s one nice thing about the bounded numbers on the game, you can take a screenshot of a winning deck fairly easily. I’ve been doing that, and now I’m gonna share them, with commentary.

This is… Marvel Snap, via Screenshots!

The first one I took, their new player experience was cute in a comic book way.

As for that deck… was it incredible? Let see if I can recreate it…

# (1) Hawkeye
# (1) Misty Knight
# (1) Quicksilver
# (2) Medusa
# (2) Star-Lord
# (2) Sentinel
# (3) Punisher
# (3) Cyclops
# (4) The Thing
# (5) Iron Man
# (5) Abomination
# (6) Hulk
# To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and paste it from the deck editing menu in Snap.

Is this deck incredible? Does it dominate?

  • Go Dominate!
  • Escape or Defeat!

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Of the roster, I sometimes use Quicksilver for padding the deck order, and have a couple of decks where Iron Man is a sideboard. I’d say it isn’t the most dominating deck available. It certainly works in Washington DC (location)!

There wasn’t anything special about this screenshot, just me testing how effective it was at capturing a game state. :+1:

As I’ve mentioned, I’m a user of that Switch screenshot/video capture feature, it’s very neat! I need to figure out how to take small videos/animated images on my mobile. :thinking:

This also made me realize that Marvel Snap is a digital lock picking simulator, wrapped in a slot machine. :laughing:

There are probably 5 or 6 currencies to track in the game, so I didn’t really bother with rank until I figured out why people Snap (and action in the game to double the bid of cubes).

There’s actually an informative help page at How do Ranks work? — MARVEL SNAP Help Center

You will earn Cubes for winning matches, and lose Cubes if you lose or retreat from a match.

In general, you need 10 Cubes to go up a rank.

Example: If you’re Rank 22, once you earn 10 Cubes, you’ll go up to Rank 23

Every 10 Ranks is part of a Tier.

Ranks 11-20 are part of “Iron Tier”

Ranks 21-30 are part of “Bronze Tier”

Each time you reach a new Tier for the first time in a season, you will earn a new Reward!

At the completion of every season, players are moved down 3 tiers from where they finished the season. For example:

Rank 76 Vibranium player is dropped to Rank 40 Gold to start the season

Rank 52 Platinum player is dropped to Rank 20 Bronze to start the season

Rank 33 Silver player is dropped to Rank 10 Iron to start the season (Players cannot be reduced below 10 Iron)

Rank 155 Infinite player is dropped to Rank 70 Master to start the season (Players in Infinite always drop to Rank 70 Master)

I wish I had read this before, I wouldn’t have tried as hard to get to Rank 110. :unamused:

Capturing particular fun games, I quickly learned I really like certain locations, such as Sinister London and Kamar-Taj. :star_struck:

If ether those become the Featured Location, you know where to find me (and drop a note in Marvel Snap)! :laughing:

Those Locations made me realize I could play Marvel Snap like’s_Game_of_Life. :exploding_head: Which ultimately heavily informs my gameplay. :face_with_monocle:

My first time seeing flipping Galactus!!1!

But it’s even better: I had a Morph in that Dark Dimension! I had no idea that was going to happen, and it’s a pretty cool effect! :rofl:

Ah, there is a Galactus Location! Visiting Worldship on the first turn is… demoralizing. :slight_smile:

Uatu was the first card I got to Infinite, for the first couple of months I played with Uatu in all my decks, as planning for Locations worked out well for a lot of my early decks: it would allow me to Scarlet Witch Locations I didn’t agree with, or play cards before they were revealed.

Eventually I moved away from the Uatu planning model, since when going up the Ranks it is more important to Escape rather than fight for an adverse Locations layout. Most of my decks don’t even kick in until turn 3 or 4, now.

Still, whenever I pull one from an opposing deck early game, I geek out on strats. :laughing:

I’ve Infinite ranked Uatu a couple of times, the last I left it as:

I should build a deck around it to finish off that last upgrade…

Comic book nonsense (spoilers)

Uatu is a Watcher. Was a Watcher. Is now the Uber-Watcher?

Turns out on a long enough time line, any organization in Comic Books will turn into an existential, cosmic fascist organization. :person_facepalming:

Anyhow, because Uatu lived on our moon, they were the most important Watcher, and had to kill the others because of their cosmic fuckery.

It’s okay! We have a new Watcher for Earth… Nick Fury.


Comic Books, my friends!