maiki scratches

That’s how much I love hard cider! :laughing:

Slow down.


In “Silicon Valley”, $7.50 gets you a ride around the block!

I suppose I should be happy it misidentifies me as “having friends in Silicon Valley”. :laughing:

I go to one mansion party, and I’m listed. :person_shrugging:

Create a short list

Make this move when learning about a new catalog of items. Not every item needs to be processed, so learn which attributes are most important to the task, and find the appropriate sub-set.

Combine with “Question openly” for synergistic multipliers.

A lot of professionals at a conference wanted to connect with me on LinkedIn.

That is motivating me to do a different thing. :thinking:

Run sentiment analysis on past blog posts to discern temporal mood changes based on season/weather.

Is there a kink for, “fulfilling the kinks of others”? :thinking:

A badge system that to checkoff a list of wikidata items.

I want to create a system from a prompt, like: make a badge passport system for the parks in my city, where I check which ones I’ve enjoyed.

I have kept this card for around 15 years! Most of the time it was in my wallet, with a bus pass and maybe an ID.

It tickled me so much when I found it in a piece of mail. The implications still make me giggle.

Recycling now, but sharing in case that’s where you are in your journey. :smiley:

I think maybe the biggest obstructed views I have block my perception of network effect.

I can get by in life with surprisingly little accurate awareness of this. Once the shape of it is viewed, I know at least how to navigate it.

However: if I want to affect big change, I need a network. :thinking:

I suspect the reason Clover gets to me so much is because they are already on the inside of my defenses. :thinking:

How many journalists keep journals? :thinking:

Showers are artificial waterfalls… so before we had shower thoughts, did we have #waterfallthoughts? #showerthoughts

History is written by those studying the surviving media of the victors.

I’ve never stabbed anyone aside from myself (by accident).

Clover presumed I’d stabbed folks, I suppose because of the nature of my life. I had to clarify.

:person_shrugging: :laughing: :smiley:

Does the reduction in size of head wardrobe correlate with the distribution of “sunscreen”? :thinking:

I find products that are made in another country use the phrase, “Designed in $Place, USA”.

What does that really mean? I don’t “buy local” because we have better designers, I do so for a stronger local economy; your product was produced and shipped from China, your design was only chosen because of inequality, when framed as such. :roll_eyes:

Leadership is a calling for some. For others it is merely a choice that is made occasionally. :thinking:

Boxed wine is a fruit juice pouch for adults, hidden in cardboard. :face_with_monocle: