Violence and aggression in my neighborhood

About 15 minutes ago I was crossing the street three blocks from my house. A car that would have otherwise run the stop sign was forced to stop because we were already in the cross walk.

Rather than fully stopping, it skid to a halt, and then shot around us, causing my child to dodge their vehicle, blocking us from the corner we had left; they almost hit kid.

I grabbed my 11 year old to me as I screamed at this driver, who ran the stop sign and shot up the hill running the sign there, out of our view.

My kid, they are shaken. I’m calm. I’m not going to be intimidated by thugs, motorists or otherwise. I need to walk to live, and I live in Adam’s Point, Oakland, California.

Where do I begin? :thinking:

Today while walking home from the grocery store I saw two people being assaulted by three others. They were on the other side of three lanes of traffic from me, so I merely screamed at them.

Every car seeing it honked, and several pedestrians nearer the assault were able to intervene.

The trio retreated to a car parked down the block, and lingered for several minutes.

As they drove away, they came to turn across from me, and I took a clear shot of the license plate, which I’ve shared with the folks who were attacked.

Upon seeing me taking a photo, the car gunned directly at me, and swerved near me, onto the onramp.

Elder dieties, I hope we get them with this. Those folks were terrified after the attack.

What is happening in this community? These looked like teens, and it was in broad daylight, where dozens of people witnessed this…

What prudent path, free of fear, is available to me?