The keyboard

I’ve begun the final phases of my ideal work space. I have a standing desk, and I’ve been using a monitor with my laptops, which means using an external keyboard.

I use a Logitech keyboard + mouse on a single USB wireless connector. However, two things have happened since this setup (from about a month ago):

  • this keyboard is getting old, and doesn’t hold as much of a charge as it used to :grimacing:
  • I’ve been mistyping more, switched letters in words, that kinda of thing

So now I’m going to do the thing I’ve avoided all this time: learn everything I can about keyboards. :yawning_face:

Fortunately, I have a secret font of knowledge in this regard, so it will be different than most of my deep dives. :crossed_fingers:

This note will track my observations, experiments, and thoughts, with the goal of finding an end-of-the-line keyboard.