Notification of potential DigitalOcean account email address exposure

Hi there,

On August 8th, 2022, DigitalOcean discovered that our Mailchimp account had been compromised as part of a wider Mailchimp Security Incident As a result, a number of DigitalOcean customer email addresses may have been viewed by an unauthorized individual.

Impact to you
No customer information other than email address was impacted; however, we recommend increased vigilance against phishing attempts in the coming weeks, in addition to enabling two-factor authentication on your
DigitalOcean account. Please review our documentation on two-factor authentication for more information

Actions we have taken
At DigitalOcean, we take the protection of customer data very seriously, and we sincerely apologize that your email address may have been impacted by this incident. We have migrated our email services to another provider and are completing thorough security reviews to confirm our vendors’ security posture.

For more details on this incident, please read through our latest blog post We are committed to holding ourselves accountable to
our customers and prioritizing protecting your account. We welcome the opportunity to talk through any questions or concerns you may have - just reply to this email.

DigitalOcean Security