Meeting maiki in person, a primer

Most of the time when I travel, I go to meet someone. That could be you! I’m looking forward to it. :slight_smile:

Things to keep in mind:

  • maiki is a highly sensitive person
  • maiki is a large human
  • maiki is deeply curious

I am highly sensitive

I exhibit “high measures” of sensory processing sensitivity.

For me, that means I care very deeply about beings, I have an incredibly rich inner world, and sometimes I get up walk away because it is approaching too much stimuli (I’m a pro at being me! :sunglasses:).

I wear ear plugs and headphones, so I can only hear the people around me (folks like you!).

It is always okay to come up and talk to me while I have ear coverings/sound dampeners.

It is always okay to ask me to lower my voice.

I am large

I am 198cm in height. I have a broad frame. Most of the human world is like a Hobbit Shire to me, it appears to be made for a creature such as myself, but just a bit too small…

For me, that means I avoid getting in containers. I like walking. I prefer human-powered transportation for personal enjoyment, and rail travel for long distances. I dislike automobiles and airplanes.

If it looks like I’m slouching, it is because I’m a pro at being tall, and I rarely suffer head trauma these days. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

I enjoy hugs, but don’t normally initiate them, because some people don’t like large people glomping them, and I respect that. :face_with_monocle: You can do normal international hug gestures to initiate, I’ll probably get it. :hugs:

I am deeply curious

I seek knowledge, and find it everywhere. Folks are just leaving it all over the place, waiting to be absorbed.

For me, that means sometimes you’ll see me walking away from the obvious place everyone else is going. That’s okay! I’m a pro at wandering, and I have the best adventures when doing so!

You may accompany me. That’s not a problem!

You can ask where I’m going, how I ended up here, who these people are, any questions really. I’m happy to answer (if I have one… sometimes the universe utilizes me in other plans :milky_way:).

These are just a few things to help explain whatever you just experienced with me. :smiley:

Less important bits…


I get a lot of questions about this in general so… most pieces I wear are paired from sou sou (nice) and Uniqlo (mundane).

Shoes are sourced where I can get them, I wear size 13 so it is normally very easy to know (there are not many options).

I prefer dark colors leaning towards greys, with splashes of shapes and slashes of orange.