A personal homepage

The first domino in a very long line is my personal homepage. Mysterious, I know. :crystal_ball:

Years ago I told myself I would one day hand craft the perfect homepage for myself… let’s see what that means! :laughing:

For a long time I could not identify the purpose of a personal homepage, but now I know: to serve as an introduction for myself and my projects.

It is not for my “personal brand”, or placement for jobs, or showing my skills and achievements. It is not to rank well for keywords.

It will be somewhere I send people I meet around the worlds, so they can learn more about me and collaborate! :tada:

That is so cool! I will have a place where I can send anyone I meet, and they will be able to collaborate with me. Wow, we truly live in the future!

And while this seems really amazing to me, it is also surprisingly easy to do, compared to those other things (“personal brand, skill, and keywords”). So we’ll focus on building this simple thing, one step at a time.


  • notes
  • oak
  • talkgroup
  • gtp
  • tfw

I found https://picocss.com/, which has a class-less version, and works great with this kind of project. :tada:

However, as I was publishing the latest version of the site, the laptop I was using ran into issues… making me realize I need to begin tracking this project in version control. :sweat_smile:

That will be the next step: figure out a version-controlled build and deployment method.