Watching Quantumania

I’m watching an Ant-Man and Wasp movie, here are some thoughts.

I could listen to Michael Douglas talk about “ant science” for exactly one hour. :laughing:

This movie is kind of a humorous nightmare for me.

I’m aware of the Langs’ 616 history, and it isn’t a personal favorite of mine. Not least of which, I’m not down with endangering my kid.

On the other hand, I somehow expect to be be dragged before a day-glow collection of alien-type figures, demanding to know where my kid is, and then hearing them tell me to “drink the ooze”. :person_shrugging:

Parenting is hard, ya’ll.

Also, I would fuck with the cops so bad if I had Pym-tech!

The Quantum Realm has major Star Wars vibe, I bet it uses that Cube array they have for backgrounds. Kind of the perfect movie for it, really.

Also, wow do they make Evangeline Lilly look like the kid of Michelle Pfeiffer and Michael Douglas in this movie!

I’m only at the reveal of the personal twist, but let me tip my hand and say: my mom’s name was also Janet. And I would not be surprised by anything they did in the quantum realm. I was never surprised by what they did in real life, and I promise, most of you could not handle that.

This movie takes on a very weird twist for me, personally. :laughing:

Well, now I know I’m Paul Rudd in the Marvel… whatever. Ah, see, the celebrity grab worked!

Cool, we are in Schrödinger’s Box, which I do one or a few times a day. No prob. Well, all prob? :thinking:

“I know socialism is a charged word…”


“Just don’t be a dick.”


Ugh, I have this horrible premonition, form both life and Marvel comics, that this last gate isn’t going to work out…

I would do anything for my child. And they would never ask me to exterminate entire timelines, so we’re covered on that. :+1:

Well… the Interdimensional Socialist Dominion of maiki would never meet in an arena, I can tell you. :face_with_monocle:


“Oh man!” (In the voice of Owen Wilson)