Using @dice-roller/rpg-dice-roller for rollings

This topic uses the library at GitHub - dice-roller/rpg-dice-roller: An advanced JS based dice roller that can roll various types of dice and modifiers, along with mathematical equations. to process dice.

/roll 4d6

That should have fixed it.

/roll 4d6

@maiki rolled: 4d6: [2, 3, 1, 5] = 11

/roll 4d100 // just some hundos

@maiki rolled: 4d100: [29, 56, 67, 93] = 245

/roll 4d%

/roll d20

/roll 1d20

@maiki rolled: 1d20: [17] = 17

/roll 4d6

/roll 3d8+4

/roll 4d6

/roll 4d6

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