Multi-journal archive

I have several folks’ journals to archive somewhere. Using what I know, I’m going to use:

  • fossil-scm for multiple repos
  • hugo site generator to build them together into an online site
  • RSS feeds for each journal and interesting items, such as tags
  • Discourse to use for further comments

My first step will be to create two repos, one for my journal entries at, and another to build the site (templates, that kinda thing).

To keep the hosting simple I’m going to use the domain: and then use sub-directories to feature individual journals/collections. Hence my journal of personal observations will live at

That means I just need a bare hugo site with a content directory to start moving on this. :+1:

Each time I plan out merging two archives I run into edge cases. It’s an indication this isn’t going to work well. Instead I’m going to make a single archive for myself. It’s rather silly, but instead of it will be :laughing:

I am still going to break it up into multiple repositories, for easier management, especially when we get to media. :grimacing:

Okay, two repos to start:

  • maiki archive generator
  • journal entries

This helps, now I know what to template at New journal entry. :tada:

I’ve been thinking about the journal entries I made over the years. I believe I don’t need titles for them, just a date. So that simplifies the metadata for any given journal entry. It will be the date, and then some text. :thinking:

That leaves some templating, and how I’d like to identify each entry with a human readable title…

And yet I’m likely going to choose: 2008-01-31 as the format. Because I’d like to make it very easy to understand which day that entry is for, regardless of who is reading it in any language; I presume the future readers will be able to convert the datetime, and roughly determine which timezone on Earth I was in (recently, it’s all PST, for the most part…).

So, my template for adding entries has a simple front matter: tags.

Okay, let’s figure this out!

The decision to go with a simple, file-name based approach certain helps with the archiving process.

I have a file named, with the following contents:


Today I got new shoelaces (because mine broke), learned a lot about the place I work (preparing for a presentation), and even ran so quick I nearly vomited (because I didn’t want to miss the train twice).

Despite all that, I feel okay (minus the urge to vomit). I am getting stuff done, and I am have all the tools to build a web presence for a cause that I believe in.

I am just blabbing off at the blog, because I want to write/journal more, and every bit helps me feel comfortable doing more. That is all for now. ^_^

And with my templates in place, it produces:


That makes it easy to over the text-only journal entries. I’ll focus on that for now. Let’s see, what else is there to do?

  • Publish archive online
    • Finalize layouts for journal
    • Host fossils in online source repo
    • Create RSS for journal entries
  • Formalize the RSS into notes
  • Publish journal notes in maiki

In order to process talkgroup, I need to move my journal entries from there somewhere, and I’m going to use a hyperzine.

But that means explaining that for a bit while planning out the logistics.

This is just an update showing these are in alignment and are progressing. :slight_smile: