Hired cars

I prefer to use the term “hired cars” whenever possible. Makes me feel fancy.

What I mean most of the time is using an app on a mobile device to signal to nearby gig workers that I need a ride from my geolocated position to somewhere else.

Wow! Lots to unpack there!


I’m not sure there is a safer mode of transportation as being tracked by one of a handful of the most powerful human organizations in existence (by means of controlling the platform).

In 2023CE I use a service called Lyft, because it is not Uber from 2016CE.

I also use Android as the operating system on my mobile device, and am required to install an app from the Google platform to access services.

It’s worth noting that here at the beginning of the information age, we still rely upon supranational corporations to provide the infrastructure for identity and monetary transactions… which means it would be prudent to bring as much regulatory scrutiny to bear as possible on such entities.

AKA I don’t want to live in a world where I am a numerical value, rather than a sapient being. :wink:

Anyways, if you want to “hire” a “car” these days, you probably need an app from a store from some fuckers. :person_shrugging: