Banker Box Zero

I have about six banker boxes of… pain.

I didn’t think so, only recently discovered this fact. :thinking:

I had to track down some paperwork to get a birth certificate to get a passport. And it’s been painful.

I’m going to note what I find, in variable detail, as a last mental bookmark. I don’t want to erase what I’ve experienced, just… to let it go.

We’ll see how that goes. :sweat_smile:

Ya know, rather than framing it a pain, I need to create a new narrative. My story doesn’t work this way, I can not just document these things as an inventory. And yet I’m strongly compelled to not throw them out, losing the links to those rooms that are still inside of me, regardless of if I destroy a physical artifact…

So instead I’m going to tell you a story about how I came upon six bankers box of lessons about life. At times it’s very difficult to follow along, but I promise, everything works out. :slight_smile:

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I emptied all the boxes and sorted them into about six piles. Then I put them back into three boxes, with one already filled:

  • entire box filled with 20+ years of notebooks
  • very large stack of loose sheets to be transcribed
  • box of electronica (electronics and paraphernalia used maint.), includes 10+ years of storage drives
  • one with several strata, the top of which is notable things, for which there is already a bucket

These are buckets I intend to empty, thereby achieving banker box zero. :dart:

Specific tracking will be done via individual #buckets.