About maiki.xyz

The maiki.xyz domain is used for personal projects; it is merely a domain tool used by @maiki to assist with certain activities.

In the past it was set up as a “work site”, where I kinda-but-not-really explained my ethical technology services to… who knows? :person_shrugging:

Here’s an outline of how I use it today:

  • for email, such as support@maiki.xyz, my public email address
  • for notes, this site running Discourse
  • for redirects (pending), gonna point maiki.xyz to xyz.maiki.interi.org, where I’ll us it as a simple redirect short URL
  • federated social media (pending), since I have plenty of dark nets to connect with friends and family, I only need to provide a way for myself to interact with that interesting slice of the net that talks over ActivityPub, and I also will likely use lots of accounts just on my own, for info art reasons
  • familiars, one-off web apps or services that I use to do my thing

I decided to preemptively reduce the value of maiki.xyz in my daily activities. So it will eventually redirect to maiki.interi.org, where I’ll build out my homepage and other things.

Now maiki.xyz will be used for two primary purposes:

  • Short URLs
  • Email